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Author: tileren

What To Expect From Your Acid Stain Project

Acid stains consist of color pigments that are suspended in a “mild” acid. The acid “opens up” the surface of the concrete and allows for deeper, permanent penetration of the colorant. Unlike paint and polymer based stains, acid stains react with the minerals already present in the concrete, giving it the...

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Moisture & Your Exposed Concrete

Efflorescence and moisture content are normal, intrinsic characteristics of all concrete slabs, in varying degrees, whether exposed or covered by tile or carpet or other mediums. There are many reasons for this, the principal of which is that concrete is much like a giant sponge, through which moisture and vapors constantly pass,...

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Exposed Concrete From The Start

Concrete floors can be integrally colored or stained, scored or not. Integrally colored concrete floors are of more uniform surface and color appearance, while stained floors are multi-hued, variegated and mottled, appearing aged and sometimes even “leathery”. Regardless of what the final decorative outcome is, it is...

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Professional Concrete Care Guide

Congratulations! Your decorative concrete flooring, wall cladding, and furniture tops are an investment in lasting beauty that will give you many years of wear. This care guide provides information on how to properly care for your decorative concrete and extend its life and beauty. Regularly scheduled professional maintenance,...

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